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Everette Hartsoe's BAYONET From comic book to TV

BAYONET From comic book to TV

BAYONET will be the first comic book live action adaptation to from the Las Vegas based company HoH Studios or House of Hartsoe Studios, named after comic book creator turned filmmaker, Everette Hartsoe. The pilot stars Daniel Baldwin ( Born on The Fourth of July), Tamara Glynn ( Halloween 5: Revenge of Michael Myers), Celine Alva ( The Mob King), Anna Harr ( Stasis) and Armand Madeo ( Once upon a tie in New York city)

“ I basically got fed up with Hollywood red tape and financial gate keepers, so it was just time to take matters into my own hands, much the same way I started my comic book company, self financed self published and self distributed. I can do the same with films.” -says Hartsoe in a recent interview with Comics for Sinners’s Richard Boom

The storyline for Bayonet was recently found on a reddit post from associates close to the project.

After being off the grid for nearly 15 years, Sasha Ravenwood a.k.a BAYONET( starring TAMARA GLYNN) has spent her time under a new identity, laying low in a small town near the Sierra Mountains. She is haunted by her nightmarish past as a trained killer in an ancient sect of assassins called THE ORDER of THE SNAKE and often finds herself in bouts with alcoholism to “hold things together”. The drinking only dampens her psychokinetic abilities so that she can feel like a “normal” person or so she thinks.

Even though pain and darkness wrestles within Sasha, suicide is not an option for her. The last assignment from The ORDER went awry, putting Sasha and a 2 year old girl, named NIX on the lamb for the next 15 years.

NIX ( played by ANNA HARR) now 17 has been mentored and trained by Sasha her entire life and shares the same telekinetic attributes and concedes to the fact she will always be targeted by The Order as they feel she belongs to the sect.

The story starts where The Order of The Snake has located her whereabouts with one task at hand, to kill Bayonet and take Nix into the Order.

Order of the Snake’s leader Michael Kross (played by DANIEL BALDWIN) code named KROSSBLADES shares a long twisted love /hate history with Bayonet. Loyalty to the ORDER overrides emotional entanglements as he commissions a new class of assassins named, LADY TARANTULA ( CELINE ALVA) and KILLSMITH ( ARMAND MADEO) for the hunt. Both students looking to make the grade by retiring the legend known as Bayonet.

The pilot will be produced in Nevada start date in Jan. 31st 2021

You can pledge to the BAYONET #1 comic book campaign currently on INDIEGOGO. Collectibles, such as comics, trading cards, prints, posters and even producer credits on the tv pilot.


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